Is it Possible to Transform Education?

transforming education

We all know that technology is changing our lives for a long time now. In the personal and work areas almost nothing is like before. In most cases, the transformations that technology is driving are tremendously positive: we can now unrestrictedly access a vast world of knowledge, interact with other people, and perform multiple tasks … Read more

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality

I have always thought that what basically differentiates some people from others is precisely the set of capacities they have to perceive the world in different ways. And therein lies part of the greatness of humanity. Between all of them, the painting can be much richer, more colorful, finer, more outlined. Each interpretation helps to … Read more

Punks In Education

Punks In Education

Despite the fact that administrations and society in general already assume the presence of technology in classrooms as something natural and necessary, initiatives in this regard are still proportionally scarce, when comparing education with other socio-economic sectors. Little by little, digital whiteboards and computers are being acquired for educational use, in what seems to be … Read more